New Glass Slipper Challenge Revealed!

It’s no secret that I love runDisney races. Back in February, I completed my first half marathon by running the Disney Princess Half Marathon. Earlier this month, I signed up for ANOTHER half marathon at Walt Disney World’s Marathon Weekend. This race weekend was recently revamped with the addition of the Dumbo 10k and the Dopey Challenge on top of the other FOUR races/challenges that go on during that weekend. How cool, right? I mean, imagine walking around with six medals clanking together!?! You might feel like this guy:


Just today, it was announced that the 2014 Disney Princess weekend will be getting a little facelift. There now will be a chance to earn TWO MORE shiny, beautiful metals in ONE WEEKEND! Are you as excited as I am?

Added to the lineup are the Enchanted 10K and the Glass Slipper Challenge. For the Glass Slipper Challenge, you sign up for both the Enchanted 10K on Saturday AND the Princess Half Marathon on Sunday. There also will be an additional day added to the Expo (yay! This year was too crazy…). The race weekend for 2014 is February 20-23.

Photo Credit:Run Disney

Photo Credit: runDisney

As if that wasn’t big enough, for those who participate in the Coast-to-Coast Challenge by completing the 2014 Tinker bell Half Marathon and the 2014 Princess Half Marathon will receive an oh-so-girly pink Coast-to-Coast metal.


With my upcoming nuptials being the focus of my funds, I might have to miss out on this inaugural challenge, but let it be known: Glass Slipper Challenge, I’m coming for you!

Can I count you in?