Weekly Goals April 28- May 4

Last week, my running/workout goals came to a screeching halt, or should I say scratching halt.

Two weeks ago while helping out at an outside wedding, I was unexpectedly assaulted by mosquitoes. I could feel them feasting on my legs but did not see the results until the following day. It started with just one (doesn’t it always?!?!) little itch, but before I knew it, my legs and arms were just burning, begging me to scratch them.  Many sleepless nights were to follow.

By the time Monday rolled around, I was in so much pain that I decided to forego my Body Pump class that I am incredibly dedicated to. I felt really guilty about that and vowed that I would go running Tuesday, no excuses. Two seconds into my run, I wanted to quit. I pushed myself to finish what might have been the post painful 5k ever, but was very proud that I did so. After I stepped off the treadmill to survey the damage, I could see what was behind the discomfort.


So here we are, a new week, leading into a new month. I’m excited to push myself to new limit and make the most of any spare time I may have.

Sunday- Run 5k (Completed!)
Monday- Body Pump
Tuesday- Run 5k
Wednesday- Rest
Thursday- Run 5k
Saturday- Body Pump


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