DIY: Cleaning Stove Drip Pans

This past weekend I had an extreme cleaning session. One of the areas in our house that needed a little extra attention was our prehistoric stove and the drip pans. After removing the burners and inspecting the pans, two things occurred to me.

1.)     I’m not sure that the pans had ever been cleaned beyond the assembly line it came from.

2.)    Our stove has seen its fair share of messy cooks.



I was so happy to find this easy tip from The V Spot for cleaning drip pans.

To clean your drip pans, remove them from stove top. Place the pans in ziplock bags. Add a splash of ammonia. Seal and let sit for 24 hours.

THAT IS IT! I was an eager beaver and took out my pans a little sooner than recommended, but I still found great results. I will say that there still is residue on the pans, but they are LEAPS and BOUNDS cleaner. Plus they look so shiny! You actually can tell they are silver….

Check out the before and after:


Now my stove is looking soooo much better. Check that off the Spring Cleaning checklist! I hope this works for you!



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