Another Easy Holiday Wreath!

I have been thinking about decking my halls since I’ve moved into my apartment back in September. Thanks to Pinterest, I have discovered gorgeous yet affordable ways to give my home that holiday glow. As I mentioned here, I have been on a serious wreath binge. I have three done, with one more to go.

When I saw the Coffee Filter Wreath from the Frugal Homemaker, I know it had to be mine. Earlier this year, I spent much of two weeks making coffee filter peonies, and so my love for coffee filters began.

For the wreath form, I used the Tubular Pipe Insulation method that seems to be all to rage on Pinterest. I bought a $.97 piece, sliced it in half, taped the ends together, and was ready to go. If I were to make this wreath again, I would use the thicker version of the pipe as the glue melted through the pipe.

Using a hot glue gun, I folded the coffee filers in quarters and started gluing them around the pipe. I wasn’t sure how close to place the coffee filters, so in the beginning they were very close. I began to grow impatient so I started spacing them out quite a bit. I even went back where I started and thinned some areas out. A few hours and two burnt fingers later, I had a beautiful, lush wreath that I can’t wait to show off!

I would highly recommend this project to anyone. It was so easy and leaves you with a big impact wreath.


2 thoughts on “Another Easy Holiday Wreath!

  1. yay, you made a coffee filter wreath. thanks for linking to my tutorial. Yes, the hot glue did melt my pipe insulation too – thinking I should have used a low temp glue gun but didn’t have one at the time.

    Yours looks great!

  2. Love it!!! I’m making one now, but trying to figure out how to add a red bow…wreath is too thick to tie one on, so trying to figure it out. any ideas???? TY!

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