The Countdown Commences: Holiday Wreaths Part One

Happy November 1st! As we speak, the candy corn on the Target shelf is being pushed into the clearance corner, making way for the holiday candy canes.   It seems that every year, the stores try and force the Holiday season upon us earlier and earlier.  While I love the holidays, I don’t embrace this notion and have a few rules to keep myself from being sick of Christmas. For example, I do not listen to Christmas songs or watch Christmas themed movies until after Thanksgiving. That being said, I tend to feel overwhelmed at Christmas time with the amount of projects I want to complete. After having this feeling last year, I vowed that I would strive to complete Christmas projects as far in advance as possible in the years to come.

So far, I have stayed pretty true to this promise. I have started one of the major homemade gifts and have completed three homemade wreaths, all extremely affordable.

The first wreath I made was pin-spired Pearls, Handcuffs, and Happy Hour and is made from Dollar Tree ornaments and a wire hanger. The ornaments cost me about $8 total from the Dollar Tree and I used a hanger I had around the house, pretty awesome!

When picking the ornaments, gather a variety of colors, textures, and sizes. You need about 70-80 to complete the wreath.

First step, carefully take off all the top hooks from the ornaments. Using hot glue, dab a little glue on the top of the ornaments and secure the hooks on the ornaments. Be careful, that glue is HOT!

As the glue is cooling, bend the hanger into a circle. Unwind the wire ends and straighten as much as possible.

Slip the ornaments onto the wire, alternating size and color. Continue until wire is filled. Be gentle on your ornaments! Some of my Dollar Tree ornament hooks broke as I was clustering the ornaments.

The hardest part for me was securing the wire ends together. I tried gluing it, taping it, taping while gluing… nothing. I ended up bending the ends backwards and hooking them together. Once they were hooked together, I clamped the ends down.

For the last part, add a pretty ribbon and admire the (not so hard) work!



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