Spectacular Spectacles

I have been wearing glasses since the tender age of 7. When my mom took me to see the optometrist, I was only able to see the big E.  That meant one of two things: Either my teachers and family needed to spend more time educating me with my ABCs, or my eyesight was horrible. Thankfully, I was well versed  with the Letter People so we knew it was time for glasses. When I first starting wearing them, I was frequently leave them at home and my mom would have to bring them to my school. I am baffled how this ever happened as now I am not even able to pull back the sheets in the morning without them on.

As one of the very few privileges of being visionally-challenged, I upgrade to new spectacles about every two years, more time that the normal person keeps their iphone. Two years is just about the time I can no longer move my chair any closer to my monitor and about the time I am sick of my current frame. I finally reached the two year mark this month and was on the hunt for new glasses. Since I have not had my eyes checked since I moved, I also had to find an eye doctor.

A little research on Google and Yelp, and I had found my optometrist. I went to Eyes on Sunrise, which I would highly recommend. It was very quick and painless, and also led to a major “Small world” moment. My eye doctor grew up in Holt, which is extremely close to my hometown back in Michigan. After my appointment, I was released into the room filled with frames where I was to find my perfect pair.

My inspiration for glasses was from YouTube sensation Lennon Stella:


 How cute is she? I can pull this look off, right?

I had no idea that my inspiration would lead  to people wondering if I was a NBA player or rap singer. When I went to pick up my glasses the other day, my first glance in the mirror seriously gave me the feeling that I needed to steal the microphone from Taylor Swift at the VMAs. In the first 36 hours, I cannot tell you how many times people have come up to me asking to sign their LeBron jerseys. Okay, maybe that hasn’t happened yet, but any minute now.

Jay-Z and me… My brother from another mother?

With any new pair of glasses, I think these will take a little while for me to get used to. Hopefully the “geek chic” will stick around for at least two more years. If not, I better start working on my jump shot!


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