Happy Birthday, Big Sister!

Today, besides being the awesome date of 10/11/12, is my older sister Nicole’s birthday. Nicole was always someone I looked up to. She is just over 2 ½ years older, so we are fairly close in age. One of my most cringe-worthy home-video moments would be when I was probably around four or five. It was during a Christmas when Nicole was gifted her first two-wheeled bike. That thing was a beauty! It was pink with a white banana seat, something that would send any little girl into a two-wheeled-tizzy. During this video, my Dad was filming my Mom helping Nicole ride her bike. You will find my frantically chasing after the bike and crying in the background begging for a turn. I’m sure Nicole can attest that this is how I spent most of my childhood with her.

I’ll admit that with this incident, I probably was memorized by the shiny silver spokes and really did want a chance to ride the bike, but I also wanted to ride it because she was. Nicole was always so cool and I wanted to do anything she did. From sports to clothes to activities, whatever Nicole would identify as “cool”, I would quickly adapt as my latest obsession. I doubt I ever would have had a zipper Trapper Keeper has it not been for Nicole. I for sure know that I never would have played soccer or any other sport that ended only in my embarrassment. As an added bonus to having Nicole as a sister, I always had the most fashionable hand me downs. I couldn’t wait for Nicole to grow another inch so I would have that top I was stealing from her closet anyway.

Now, years later, we have become two individuals, yet I still find myself looking at my sister in awe. She is so gorgeous, with a special talent of doing hair and makeup. I try time and time again to curl my hair, but I can never style it as perfect as she does. I don’t even consider trying the tricky up-dos she is able to create. She is inspiring, with a will and determination that is second to none. Had it not been for her, I don’t know if I would think it was possible to live so far from my family. She also has made me so excited to have a dog of my own. Her two (not so) puppies are the apples of her eye. She gives them so much love and care and they are so lucky for her as a mom.

This is yet another day that I am so sad to be away from my family. I wish I could be at home, eating a piece of Orange Juice cake in honor of Nicole. Since I can’t be, I’ll have to send all my love across the nation to her. Nicole: I miss you so much and I wish you a great birthday! Use that birthday wish wisely but know that this is your year! Love you!


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