The Master Reveal

This past weekend, we finally reached the UNPACKED status in our new apartment. It took us three weeks to get there, but we made it. Three weeks sounds like a really long time, but when you factor in our fulltime jobs, we were only able to do anything at night after work and on the weekends. Then you consider that when we get out of work, we are exhausted and can barely left our left arm. Mix this all with a bustling social life, you get about 24 hours. So basically, we unpacked in one day. That logic works, right?

In the past three weeks, we were able to:

  • Pack up/ Clean/ Paint old condo
  • Unpack at new apartment
  • Paint all trim (never again… never again…)
  • Paint master bedroom and living room.
  • Decorate apartment and hang pictures

That is a lot accomplished for two people!

 Now comes my favorite part, I get to show off my new digs. Today I will be showing you what we have completed in our master bedroom. There are a few projects that I still have in mind, but this room is the most complete.

 From the “before” picture, you can see the original colors of the walls and trim. When we moved in, the walls were a white color with orangey beige trim. BOORRRIINNNNGGG.


We spiced it up a bit using “Natural Gray” paint from Behr and “Snowy White” on the trim. With the natural lighting, it has a slight purple tint to it, but we like it nonetheless.

Here are some pictures from the new and improved place:


The newest addition to our bedroom is our brand new Sealy Queen sized mattress. Going from a double to a queen, I feel like I have to use a map to find my way across it. It is covered with a comforter made by my ever-so talented mother, thanks Mom! The US pillow with the hearts was inspired by a Pinterest find from Come On Ilene. The hearts on the pillow represent places that Danny and I have lived (San Francisco and Chicago) with the biggest heart being over Michigan. Our headboard was a fancy piece of wood (thanks Dad!) that was covered with foam and fabric. Sitting next to my side of the bed, you will find a picture of my Mom, my sisters, and me. I absolutely love this picture and love that it is the first and last thing I see every day. Boy, do I miss my family. 

Over the TV, you will see one of my favorite gifts. Danny bought me the Weeds wall hanging from CB2 as a Christmas present a few years ago. I love the shadows it makes against the wall. It adds and artsy feel to the room, something I am horrible at creating.


As you are reading this, I am probably sitting back in my chair with my feet on the desk, wiping my hands together. It feels so great to see everything coming together. As I said before, I am in no means done, but I have a feeling my houses will always be a work in progress.


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