Old Navy Cardi Party

Over the past year, I have joined a number of survey and activity sites to earn a little more spending cash. One of my favorite websites would be Crowdtap. It is a fun, interactive website where you take quick polls (called quickhits) and answer questions for points.  The points can be redeemed for gift cards to stores, including Amazon.  By using the answers of your quickhits, Crowdtap gives the participants to the opportunity to join certain moderated discussions. These crowds present discussion topics and on occasion offer fun sampling opportunities.

Through Crowdtap, I was able to become a member of the Old Navy Style Council, so swanky! I was recently picked to host an Old Navy Cardi Party. What is an Old Navy Cardi Party, you ask? It is the COOLEST thing I have ever been able to do! I invited friends to Old Navy, where we were able to pick out a scarf, skirt, and cardigan… FOR FREE

So last night, I met up with my gal pals where we met up for a night of fashion and friendship. When I gave one of my friends the coupon, she made a bee-line for the nearest associate. She did not believe that we were receiving a skirt AND scarf AND cardigan… FOR FREE! After the associate confirmed that the store was our oyster, we hit the aisles to find our perfect look.

Here are some of the items we tried on during the visit:

If you are interested in joining Crowdtap, just click on the link below. I have been a member since May and on top of the awesome sampling opportunities, I have earned $75 in Amazon giftcards. Not too shabby for a few minutes every day!



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