Happy Birthday Little Sister!

Yesterday was my little sister Anastasia’s 22nd birthday. Now, I use the term “little” loosely. It has been years since I was tall enough to look down on her. The height gene seemed to be away on a lunch break around the time I was born, yet conveniently seemed to be back for Anastasia. Around the time she was in middle school, she started to sprout up towards me as I nervously attempted to keep my distance so no one could have us stand back to back. Although I’ve learned to accept the fact that she will always be taller than me, I will always think of her as the wide-eyed, eye-patch wearing, evil little sister who stole all my attention  adorable little sister I grew up with.


As a direct result of me being five states away, many of our birthday celebrations are hold over Skype. Birthday presents require me to be thinking ahead and must be in Michigan before their big day. When I was in Michigan for vacation a few weeks ago, I had to complete part of her birthday present. I was inspired by Pinterest with a few Gameday dresses I came across. Anastasia recently had surgery on her ACL and had a hard time comfortably wearing jeans, so I figured now would be the perfect time for a stylish Michigan State dress for her to wear to tailgates.

For my dress, I took a MSU tank top (which was surprisingly hard to find!) and paired it with some fun fabric. With the much needed help of my craftastic mom, I was able to create an easy skirt for the dress portion. It would have been A LOT easier with my own sewing machine, but we were attempting to use my grandma’s crazy, old machine. I was pretty happy with the result and might be making one for myself. After all, I can wear my summer dresses year round! Point talley: Florida-1, Michigan-2382736

Anastasia, I hope you had a great birthday! Welcome to the age of no more milestone birthdays til 30, it sucks!


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