I’ve Got 99 Problems but That Smell Ain’t One

Yesterday, I briefly touched on my new apartment and some of the hurtles we are facing. Last night, as I was trying to paint, make cookies, do dishes, and unpack all at once, I had a minor breakdown. It seemed like every time I was fixing one problem, another would come up. There is just so much to do in a new place and I have an extremely hard time living in chaos.

On Saturday night while unpacking, I discovered the most disgusting musty smell I have ever encountered.  My gag reflex kicked in and I was soon removed from cupboard cleaning duty (the same thing thankfully happened to me the first time I tried to clean a toilet and kept me from ever trying again!). I sprinkled baking soda in the cupboard and called it a night. The next day, I had Danny scrub the cupboard with soapy water. Once the smell had faded, I came through with bleach to get rid of whatever may have called the smell. And I didn’t stop there! Yesterday, I also added a dish with white vinegar and a opened box of baking soda. This morning when I checked, the smell had disappeared! I finally will be able to make use of that cupboard.

Almost from the second we set our boxes down, the sugar ants started to come out from the cracks and crevices. We had one Raid trap that we laid out, but that did not seem to stop the armies from assembling. After a few minutes on Pinterest, I found this recipe for an ant killer from Passionate Homemaking.  It is a mix that the ants are supposed to carry back to their colonies and kill the colony. With one quick trip to Publix, I was armed and ready to go. I also read that ants hate to cross chalk so I had blast boxing in ants on my counter.  

I whipped up the concoction below and I left it out overnight. This morning, I was very surprised to see how many ants were flocking towards the mix for what (hopefully) would be their last supper. I was tempted to crush them all with a rolling pin but resisted with the hope that my sweet revenge would come soon enough. I’m planning on making another batch tonight and placing multiple containers around the house to speed up the process. I’m really hoping this will squish my ant problem.

Eat up, suckers.

The good/bad thing about painting is that you are given an intimate very of every wall and windowsill. Yesterday I found a huge gaping hole that needs to me patched up and more evidence of termites. Our landlord in currently on vacation but you bet your bottom dollar I already have an email drafted to her with what we need fixed. In the meantime, we will just continue to move forward!

More issues to tackle, huge rotting hole, termites, and a spraying sink. Thank goodness we don’t own this place!


Ant Killer from Passionate Homemaking

1 tsp. borax (available in the laundry section)

2 cups hot water

6 Tbsp sugar

folded paper towel

small shallow cup (like a creme burlee dish)

Disolve borax in hot water. Stir in sugar. Dip the folded paper towel, using tongs, in the solution till completely saturated with solution. Cram the paper towel in the dish. Place in location where you have seen the ants. This solution will be eaten by the ants and taken back to the nest to share with the other ants and thus eradicate the entire nest. Keep away from children by placing on a countertop or cupboard, if possible.


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