Unwelcome House Guest

This past weekend, my boyfriend and I moved into our new place. I think it is a very obvious for me to say moving is never fun. Throw in a tropical storm while you are trying to move, it is twice the non-fun-ness. We were originally planning on moving into our new unit on Saturday morning, and intended on loading up our cars and the back of a friend’s pickup. At the last minute, we decided to rent a moving truck and load up all our boxes and furniture.  THANK GOODNESS we decided to do that! It already took us so long to do that, I can’t imagine just doing car loads.

The weather on Saturday was hot and humid. There were sporadic storms, but we stayed dry from rain (not sweat) for the most part. We spent the rest of the day unpacking and checking out the nooks and crannies of our new place. Some things we found, such as mold, musty smells, and (what I think are) termites were not welcome discoveries.  Since we are painting the bedroom and living room, we are not able to unpack anything that is going in a closet. You think living out of a suitcase is bad? Try living out of 15 boxes, 3 suitcases, and every bag you own. It is not ideal.

We were so lucky to have moved on Saturday as we started to feel the true effects of hurricane Isaac on Sunday.  Since our lease on our old unit is still valid to the end of the month, we still have our wall décor and other items there.  We battled high speed winds, downpours, and flooding while loading and unloading our cars.


After the cars were unloaded, we stared taping and moving furniture and boxes away from the walls for painting. Talk about a mess! Our apartment is complete chaos and will be for at least a week until we can finish our painting.  Once we finish that, we will have a pretty cool place. Hopefully I’ll have lots of progress to report this week.



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