Pumped Up Kicks

I’m starting to get “poop my pants” excited/ nervous for my upcoming race. I can’t believe it is almost a month away! This month has been on fast-forward ever since the beginning. As I posted before, my boyfriend Danny and I were looking for an apartment. It seems like as soon as that whole debacle was taken care of, we were boarding a plane to spend 10 days in Michigan with our family and friends. We got back to Florida on Sunday and have started to pack up our apartment. So what does all this mean for my running? Not good things!

It all started out just fine and dandy. On the first Saturday I was back in Michigan, I woke up early to run on my treadmill for an easy 5k. My next run was not until Monday, when Danny and I were up north at my cottage in Gaylord, MI. We both were stoked that we finally could run outside in comfortable temperatures. It was the perfect temp for running too, right around 65 degrees.  We fully intended on running nine miles on this run, but that was unfortunately cut short due to a rock in the shoe. If anyone has ever experienced this, it feels like a huge boulder must be rattling around your shoe and causes unbelievable pain. When you finally are able to shake out your shoe, this tiny, innocent, little pebble tumbles out. Come on!

Anyhoo, we made it just over seven miles. I was slightly disappointed that I wasn’t able to run the nine miles but thoroughly enjoyed running outside.  The best part of this was that I felt like I could have run a lot farther. Progress is being made. So that is all fine and dandy except that was the last time I ran until today. Whoops!

I was super excited for my run today as my new running shoes were making their grand debut! I wanted to buy a shoe that was made for runners and known for their comfort, unlike some other well-known companies (cough **Nike***cough). I looked into ASICS, New Balance, and Reebox Real Flex. As soon as I slipped my New Balance 750s on, I knew they were my glass slippers. They felt so comfortable from the get-go. After a successful run this morning, I can happily say that the shoes require little to no break in time and are amazingly comfortable. I haven’t tried them on a long run as of yet, but will let you know once I try.

Until then, check out my awesome kicks!



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