Why Is Real Estate So Awful?

This past weekend was jam-packed for me, I feel like I’m still recovering. My boyfriend and I were hot on the prowl for an apartment to move into… by the end of the month. The weekend was filled with apartment searching, lease signing (twice, but I’ll get to that), and to get rid of some frustration, an eight mile run.

For the months leading up to our move, I searched high and low to find an apartment or house to move into. We were able to narrow down our search by the areas that we knew would be safe and were able to eliminate quite a few places. Unfortunately, the only units left were not up to our standards.  The units in the desirable areas were just junky and small, yikes…. Not for me.

Two weekends ago, we went to see a duplex that we fell in love with and was in a very safe. It had a decent kitchen, washer and dryer, and plenty of space.  As we were filling out the paperwork, we found out the owner had already accepted an offer, heartbreak number one. We were told that the owner was listing the other half of the duplex within the week and we would be able to see it before it went on the market. We crossed our fingers, toes, arms, and eyelashes that this would be the one.

While we were waiting to see the second unit, we found a few other possibilities that we wanted to check out. The first unit we had was advertised as a very spacious unit with plenty of closet space, and that it was! The closets were to die for. What I didn’t love- guys walking shirtless around the hallway and gathering outside to smoke. It had a college dorm feeling. It even included the original oven from the 1950s. We threw that unit out the (extremely oversized) windows.

To our relief, we then saw a great unit. It was a spacious, light, airy unit that was on the second story of a duplex. It was a two bedroom/ one bath that included a washer dryer, but (and here is the kicker) no dishwasher. On top of that, it only had two closets. It was a unit we would consider for sure, but I didn’t know if it would be the one.

Then, Saturday morning we finally got the call we were waiting for; the other unit was ready to show, and we were getting the first look, even before it was listed. It was everything we hoped for and more. It was a two bedroom, two bathroom unit with a screened in porch, private lawn, washer/dryer, and beautiful kitchen. The only downfall? It was at the very top ofour budget.

We debated long and hard between the second story duplex and the dream unit. Sunday morning, we had finally made our decision and were ready to sign a lease. We called out realtor and arranged to sign the paperwork just before noon. Our unit of choice? The dream unit, of course! We went in and signed an agreement to lease and sent it off to the listing agent for the owner’s signature.

Later that afternoon, we received a call from our realtor saying that because the owner forgot he wasn’t getting a tax-break this year, he would have the raise the rent by $100. Since that unit was already at the top of our budget, we had to throw that out the (brand new, impact) window. Heartbreak number two.

So we decided it was not meant to be and signed a lease for the second floor duplex. I now look at this unit as a challenge. Lack of closet space? Bring it on.  Every inch of closet space will be utilized and kept organized. No dishwasher? I have my very own. That just happens to be how I met my boyfriend, he was the dish-washer at my sorority. We can make doing dishes our time together every night. I’m sure we will be happy in this unit and many memories will be made. It’s a gift that I am able to live with such an amazing boyfriend and I’m excited to continue our adventure in our new space.


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