Tried it Tuesday! Mini Matryoshkas

Does anyone else strive to find the perfect gift? I know I do, my mother passed this habit on to me. She usually stays away from giving gift cards or money and instead looks for a meaningful/thoughtful gift. I always look forward to her gifts and they seem to be the most memorable. Since I have experienced the effects of this first hand, I now dedicate as much time as I need to find the “perfect” gift. I already been racking my brain for Christmas ideas…. I might have a problem.

My best friend Becca has a birthday coming up. Since she is one amazing friend and I wanted to find something that was on her coolness level. Becca absolutely loves Matryoshka dolls, or (to save you a Google trip) Nestling dolls. Who could blame her, they are absolutely adorable!  As an added bonus, they are very trendy right now, coming in everything from measuring cups and spoons, serving platters, stationary, you name it. Unfortunately, Becca loves these dolls so much that she already has all those items.

Last month, I was be-bopping around Target when I stumbled upon a Matryoshka Doll Kitchen Timer. I lived with Becca before, so I was able to mentally check her kitchen inventory to see if she already had this. Finally! Something she didn’t have! In to the cart it went. Then came the hard part… I needed to think of something else to send to Becca along with the timer.

In addition to giving thoughtful gifts, I also love hand-making part of the gift, thank goodness for Pinterest! A few months back, I pinned these adorable Matryoshka dolls from Sew to Speak. I pinned them specifically to make for Becca, I just didn’t know when I would have the chance or occasion to make them.  Well my friends, is there any better time than a birthday?!

I followed the tutorial and template for the dolls and was able to make five over the course of the weekend. I found that for me, it was easier to do each step for every doll before moving on to the next. As a result, I now have five adorable squishy dolls that I am happy to give to my friend.  

If you do try to make these, I have a few tips that might make this a little easier for you:

  • When using an adhesive to attach the face and body, I would NOT recommend Liquid Stitch. You will need to stitch through the adhesive after it dries and this brand makes the fabric very hard.  
  • Do not use regular fabric shears for the detail work. They will not give you the precision needed.
  • Stick the petals under the flowers more than you think you should. Once the dolls are stuffed, their stomachs will curve and pull the flower away from the petal slightly.

Contact me with any questions!


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