And The Final Rose Goes To….

Is anyone else out there a fan of the Bachelor? I absolutely hated the premise of this show from the beginning. Did they really expect people to fall in love over a matter of weeks? Yeah right, I don’t think so! But then, early into our relationship I found out that my boyfriend and his parents love this show. I decided to give it a chance and just like a fish, I was hooked.

Fast forward four years… When I moved to Florida, one of our friends suggested we get a group together to watch the Bachelor. Not knowing what it would become, we agreed that this might be a fun thing to try. It turned out to be my favorite night of the week. We all get together to eat, drink, and talk about how much we hate each season’s villain. Did I mention there are usually more men than woman at these nights?

I must say that I wasn’t too excited for this season. When Emily was on Brad’s season and was just “blah” to me. She was gorgeous, but not that exciting to me.  Lucky for me, this season had one of my favorite men yet, Jef. His funky fashion sense paired with his down to earth personality made him stand out from all the muscle men and cocky jerks. In my eyes, Jef was a front runner from the start.

Last night, our group got together for the final episode.  This was a bit of a last minute plan, but I was very happy to attend. Garrett, our wonderful  host for the night asked us to bring a dish to pass, while he supplied ribs and a scrumptious taco salad dip.  Since I didn’t have time to whip up my “best cookies ever”, I decided to make some peanut butter cookies. I had some Reece’s Pieces in my cupboard, so I smashed those up and put them on the top. The first batch turned out a little darker than I wanted so I cut down the baking time. Second batch? Perfection.  I will be posting the recipe later.

Armed with my freshly baking peanut butter cookies, I headed over for the main event. I was POSITIVE that Emily would go with Arie, the other man remaining, because that is how this show seems to go (Ben and Courtney? Please). I was shocked yet so happy that Emily chose Jef. Watching the After the Final Rose episode, you could see how happy the two were together. Like genuinely happy. Does that ever happen on that show? I wish them the best in the future, I would love to see them last as a couple.


Now that this season is over, a new question floats to the top… Who will be the next Bachelor?


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