The Great Debate

Holy Crap. Last time I posted about my upcoming race, the Tower of Terror 10 miler, there were 98 days to go. How on earth are there now only 79 days to go? Wasn’t that post from like, last week?!?! No?? EEKS! Time to get my butt in gear.

In terms of running, I think I am right on track (or running circles around it, hehe). I have made it past the six mile mark, and have been drastically improving my time on my short runs. This next weekend, I will be attempting to run seven miles. Thanks to my shiny new ipod, I’ll be able to be-bop along to my jams for the run. The part of the race I am really starting to worry about is what my costume will be!

There are so many creative costumes out there, especially for Disney races. I really would like to find a costume that is as original as a possible and still functional to run in.  Pinterest and the blog for Team Sparkle have some amazing ideas that are so inspiring. For example, Karen over at Chariots of Ire made this adorable costume of Russell from the movie Up. So freakin’ creative and adorable!


After hours spent googling “Disney Race Costume” and stalking many many runner’s blogs, I had my choices down to three.  Up until late last night, I was deciding between Snow White, Tinkerbelle, and Elastigirl. (Thank you to According to Kelly for the inspiration and the photos below!)


I was talking about this with Danny and when I mentioned Elastigirl, he said “Oh and I could be Mr. Incredible!”. Cha-Ching, SOLD!  The Incredibles, along with Wedding Singer and Shawshank Redemption, is one of those movies that I will drop everything to watch if it is on TV, regardless of what point the movie is at. Sad part about this, I own all these movies but I can’t seem to help myself! I am overjoyed that I will not only be able to run as a character from one of my favorite movies, but I will also have a partner in crime…er…. to fight crime.

Now, do you think Edna will be available to make my costume?


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