Projects and Pinkies

I always have such high hopes for the weekend. The moment I walk out the door at 5:00 p.m. on Friday afternoon, I am picturing how I will be spending the next 56 hours. The possibilities seem endless! Then, within a blink of an eye it is Monday morning and I am dragging my tired butt out of bed. This morning at the first buzz of the alarm, I literally asked Danny if it was Monday as it didn’t seem possible that the weekend was gone.

This past weekend I had planned to complete four different Pinterest projects I had been eyeing for weeks now. They all seemed so simple, it was more of a matter of gathering the supplies and sitting down to complete them. After a quick stop to JoAnn’s Friday night, my weekend was off to a wonderful start. Friday night was date night so I knew that I wouldn’t be able to start my projects until Saturday.

Saturday morning came and took me to the gym. When I came home, Danny mentioned laying out at the pool, which is something that I enjoy but he is never able to do as his skin could be considered transparent. I had to take him up on this offer! After the pool, by the time I was showered and ready to go, it was about 3:00 in the afternoon. I still needed to head to Home Depot for some ball chain for this project, so I hustled out the door.

I imagined my trip to Home Depot taking 5 minutes at the most, which never is the case. After wandering around the aisles for about 15 minutes, I finally caved in to ask an associate if they sold ball chain. To my surprise, they did not, but he recommended Michael’s. As I shop at Michael’s on a very frequent basis, I knew they would not have what I was looking for, but had to stop there for something else on my list anyhow.

So here I am at Michael’s, not finding what I need, but am finding about 23948790345 other projects I want to start. SHOW SOME SELF CONTROL GIRL! I forced myself to put down everything except the adhesive I came in there for and hurried home. It was then time for me to make dinner and clean up my mess I made (even before starting a project!) and knew that a project was needed to be cut from my list. Buh-bye ball-chain necklace! See you once I have the supplies.

Finally, around 8:00 p.m. I was able to start my first project, these adorable hairbows. I decided to make them in Michigan State colors as they will come in handy for football season. I was using Liquid Thread to hold the center ribbon, so as they were drying, I began my next “simple” project.

The tutorial for these flip-flops looked so simple! I had an extra pair of Old Navy flip-flops that I had received for free, things were falling into place! Everything except when I first tried to knot the fabric, the fabric was fraying so bad. Instead of the “Those shoes are so cute!” looks, I would have received looks of horror and “Why is she wearing those?!”. I hulled out my trusty sewing machine and decided to turn the strips of fabric into tubes. Once I finally had my fabric tubes completed, the only thing left was to tie a few knots and glue those babies up and I would be good to go!

Only… that didn’t happen. As I was finishing up my second flip-flop, I snipped the tip of my left pinky with my fabric shears. It wasn’t a huge cut or a deep cut, but it did make a whole lot of blood. I rushed over to the kitchen and was able to stop it from bleeding. After it was all clean and covered with a Miss Piggy band-aide, I started to feel queasy. All of the sudden I was shaking uncontrollably, sweating profusely, and seeing a whole bunch of black spots. My knight in shining amour, Danny, was able to keep me calm and focused on anything other than how I was feeling. I was able to keep my consciousness and did eventually feel better, but I knew my crafting was done for the night.

Sunday I was able to do the finishing touches on the two projects I started and started my third, and all the sudden it was time for bed! Between cleaning, groceries, and laundry, there isn’t time for much else. What’s a girl to do? Completing two out of four crafts will have to do. After all, there is always next weekend!



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