Baby You’re a Firework!

My birthday is on the Fourth of July. Yes, Lady Liberty and I both have a birthday that is usually reserved for BBQs, family fun, and fireworks. As a child, there was a part of me that did not like having the fourth as my birthday. I never was able to bring in treats for my classroom on my actual birthday and never had a birthday party on the actual day of. On the other hand, how many other people always have a mega firework show on their birthday??

My birthday celebration was extra special this year. This year was the first year (ever) that I was not in Michigan for the 4th. I usually am at my cottage with my family watching the fireworks over the lake while roasting s’mores. Since flying home for my birthday was not in my forecast, Danny and I celebrated it in sunny Fort Lauderdale.

I woke up to find a trail of presents leading from the bedroom. Sidebar: Does anyone else feel incredibly awkward and embarrassed when opening gifts in front of large crowds?!? Lucky for me, my only audience member was Danny and I rarely feel embarrassed in front of him. His parents gave me some great things for baking: a jelly-roll pan, tongs, and a cookie dough scoop! My parents gave me a citrus spritzer and a double boiler (a much needed tool after a very unfortunate cooking accident that resulted in an exploding pie pan). Danny gave me the Zoku popcicle maker and an iPod Nano (A replacement for another one of Danielle’s dumb moves, oye), how spoiled am I? I can’t wait to try out my Zoku machine. This weekend will be the first attempt. I’ll be sure to report back with the results.

After the gift extravaganza, Danny made me a delicious breakfast. I was so happy to have an occasion to use my new plaid napkins from Kohl’s, a steal at only $2.00 apiece.


Later in the afternoon, following a birthday Skype session with my parents, we headed to a park where we had a lovely picnic. Any chance for me to wear my sun hat is a great one in my book!


From there, we met some friends at the beach, where we camped out for seven hours! We played beach games, swam in the wonderful ocean, and had a great time. Danny even managed avoid a sunburn, which is amazing considering he once was burnt sitting in the shade with SPF 30 on. Before the fireworks began, we were able to sneak off to Sonic to enjoy some true American cuisine.


After our gourmet meal, we watched a beautiful firework show over the ocean. Those are always the icing on the cake for me (without the calories!). They bring the biggest smile to my face.

This Firecracker is so grateful to have such an amazing day spent with friends (and family through Skype!) and hopes that everyone else had a wonderful 4th of July. Oh, and Happy Birthday America! Same place, same time next year?


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