10 Miles of Terror

Confession: I am a huge Disney fan. This is a relatively recent obsession that I have developed thanks to my wonderful boyfriend. Danny is a Disney FANATIC. He has always been fascinated by the history and heritage of the Disney brand. His few free moments of the day are spent checking varies Disney blogs about updates on the parks and the latest Disney news. In turn, my days are spent trying to find little bits of trivia that he might not know (So far, I’ve come up with two things… in four and a half years….).
Danny was an intern for three summers during college, two of which we were dating. I was able to visit him a few times while he was there. It is so fun to walk around with someone who knows the stories behind the concepts and trivia about the parks. As a result, my love for Disney has now gone beyond the “I can watch The Little Mermaid three times on repeat” phase into a passion for the Disney brand.

Danny and I decided to combine our love to for Disney with running and recently participated in our first Disney race. We ran the Tangled 5K back in February and had an excellent experience. Not knowing what to expect, I showed up with a polka dotted red ribbon in my hair, very Minnie-esque. Little did I know, people were wearing FULL-ON costumes for the race. It was a lot of fun to see what everyone was wearing. As for the race itself, I was in awe of how well operated it was. It was a great event to be a part of and made me want MORE! As soon as Danny I came home from the race, we registered for the Tower of Terror 10 Miler.

10 miles. It may be a small world, but 10 miles seems like a really long distance, especially since the longest I have ever run is 5 miles. I have been comfortably running 3 miles at least twice a week for the last two years. I have been pushing myself (with the huge help of my boyfriend) to run either farther or faster for the last month and a half. I think KNOW I can run the 10 miles, it is just a matter of making myself do it! If this were any “normal” race, I wouldn’t be half as excited.

Every day I will log on to the runDisney site to read the race details for the hundredth time. I am so pumped to see a rare look at Backstage Disney and also, to run in costume! Ever since the Tangled 5K, the gears have been turning as to what I should wear for the upcoming race. I have a few different ideas that I am toying with. One thing I know for sure, the Minnie Mouse ribbon is not going to cut it! Now if I can only convince Danny to run in costume….

98 Days to Go!!!!


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