Playing Catch Up

First off, my apologies to my blog for ignoring it for close to a week. I do feel like a negligent mother to a newborn and I hope to not let this happen again.  This past weekend was one for the record books; I traveled back to Michigan for my best friend Cat’s wedding. Both the wedding and bride were gorgeous! As I was tearing up at the rehearsal the night before the wedding, it was very clear that I was not be able to make it through the wedding without crying. The moment Cat put on her wedding dress, I cried. She was so beautiful, so bridal! It all became real at that moment. I was able to compose myself until just before I was walking down the aisle when I was able to witness the first moment that Cat and her Dad saw each other. I was done for.  It made me feel better that my friend Becca, who is able to keep her emotions in a lock box, was also tearing up.

When I was finally able to turn off the waterworks, I had a blast. I was very lucky to have my boyfriend join me for this wedding, along with each and every one of my Delta Gamma friends who are scattered across the country.  It was so fun to see all my friends and cut a rug on the dance floor. All in all, it was the best wedding I have been to and cannot wait for more of my friends to get married.


Who wouldn’t cry at this?!!?

As part of my official “Bridesmaid” title, I was in charge of making the gift bow and ribbon bouquet. With all my traveling back and forth from Michigan, the only chance I had to make this bouquet was Friday… mostly in the car… right before the rehearsal. YIKES! Talk about cutting it close. Now, I have seen these in action before, and had a general idea as to how I would make it, but could not find an actual “how-to”. Once I began putting it together, I was very happy with how it turned out (and how quick it actually was to make!). In the case you are struggling with making a ribbon bouquet as well, I will share my findings here!

When I first thought about how I would make this, my strategy involved a hot glue gun and an intrinsic design.  This all changed when my mom informed me these bouquets originally were used not only at the rehearsal, but also to give ribbons to the newlyweds to use for future presents. Scrap that idea.

Here is what I used for the ribbon bouquet:


Millions of ribbons from Bridal shower gifts

4 feet of tulle

1 Paper plate

1 Toilet paper tube

2 Pearl head pins

  1. Set aside two or three long, thick ribbons to wrap the handle with.
  2. Cut plate down the middle, stopping at the center. Cut a circle out about two inches in diameter.Image
  3. Overlap plate edges to form a slight cone shape, staple. This will form the base of the plate. The “cone” tip will point down.Image
  4. Pull one edge of the tulle through the hole on the inside on the plate. While holding that end, loop the other end of the tulle from the outside of the plate back up through hole. Repeat the looping around the plate until you have about five inches hanging when holding the tulle at the bottom of the plate (I was able to create four loops and spread out the tulle to provide the coverage I was looking for). Keep holding the ends! Image
  5. Taking one ribbon, tie a bow in the middle with the two ends hanging. Pull the ends through the hole. If you have a long ribbon, tie ribbons in concession as seen below. Leave about eight inches of ribbon to form a handle.Image
  6. Repeat with all ribbons, still holding the ends at the base of the plate.
  7. If you have curling ribbon clusters, pull the ribbon through the base while allowing the curls to spill over the base.
  8. If you have bows, tape a safety pin on the back of the bow. Pin the bow onto a ribbon.
  9. To form the handle, pull all ribbon ends through the toilet paper tube, pushing the tube as close to the base of the plate as possible. You should have some ends dangling down the tube.
  10. Wrap the ends of ribbons around the toilet paper tube.
  11. Taking one of the long ribbons you set aside, as tightly as possible circle the tube with the ribbon. Keep the ribbon flat. Repeat with other ribbons if desired.
  12. To finish the bouquet, take the end of the ribbon and fold under about two inches. Pin the top and bottom of the ribbon as seen below.Image
  13. Give to the happy bride to be!

ImageCongratulations again to Cat and Karl!


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