My Best Friend’s Wedding

I LOVED college. Yes, that seems like an obvious statement, but I would give anything to go back to those carefree days. Not only did it provide me with a lifetime’s worth of stories, but it also introduced me to my best friends.

With my older sister’s influence, I decided to join a sorority. I was one of those people who have the preconceived notions about “buying your friends” and the “cult-like” atmosphere. My sister had transferred from Western Michigan to Michigan State and decided to join a sorority with her roommate. When I was a freshman coming into MSU, I visited my sister at the sorority and met her friends. I was able to get some insight has to how the sorority life really is, and I loved what I saw.  From the activities to the friendships, I knew this was something that I wanted to try out.

The very first day (overwhelming) day of recruitment was held in the gym at the MSU IM.  Each sorority has a little booth filled with photos and the sorority members wearing the same shirt and as much Tiffany’s/ Burberry as humanly possible. Essentially, you stand outside the sorority’s booth until you are welcomed in to have a brief conversation with one of the members.

It was in one of these lines that I saw Cat. She and I had actually gone to the same school since middle school, but we ran in different social circles. We both made small talk with each other and went on our merry way. At the end of the recruitment process, we both ended up in the same sorority, Delta Gamma, and so our friendship began.  It was here we also met Becca, who I instantly loved. Together, we became “Los Tres Amigos”, the bestest of friends,  and even lived together for three years. We shared millions of laughs, thousands of tears (80% from me, I’m a crier!), and hundreds of Vodka Waters.

Los Tres Amigos! L to R: Becca, Me, Cat

Fast forward to present day… Cat is getting married! I am very honored to be a bridesmaid along with Becca in Cat’s wedding.  I’ve been having reoccurring nightmares about being a negligent bridesmaid, tripping, or missing the entire wedding. It is my real life fear that I won’t be able to contain my emotions and I will just be a slobbering mess the entire ceremony.

I am so happy for Cat and her fiance, Karl. They make such a beautiful couple (Seriously! They belong in the pages of Ralph Lauren). I know that they have a life filled of happiness ahead of them. I am excited for them as they will start a new chapter in their lives on Saturday. As for me, I will be channeling my inner Matty from Father of the Bride… Right together, Left together, right together….


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